For people in the theater business, there is no higher goal to aspire to than to be in a Broadway production. Whether they're yanking on a rope to raise the curtain or belting out the lines to a beloved song, everyone wants to be in New York City. If you're not in the theater business, you might aspire to see a show there, but chances are you don't know all that much about it. This article was designed to fill you in on some of the basics.

Broadway is sometimes referred to as if it were a neighborhood or even a theater, but actually it's a street. It extends all the way from Manhattan through the Bronx and into Westchester County, but the important portion is that which runs through Times Square in Manhattan. Broadway has earned its distinction from all of the other streets, such as I75 and Park Avenue by virtue of having a large number of theaters on it. It is often referred to at the theater heart of America, warring with London's West End for the title of theater heart of the world.

There are 40 professional theaters in New York City that are permitted to call themselves "Broadway" theaters because they have 500 seats or more. Only a few of them are actually located on Broadway Avenue, as you would assume if your expertise was Mississauga homes instead of theater. Most of them are located on nearby streets, which creates a whole Theater District centered around Broadway Avenue. The owners and producers of Broadway have their own league, and their performers and artists are honored by their own awards - the Tonys.

Seeing a Broadway show is one of the most popular tourist activities for visitors of New York City. Some take a limo service directly to the theater to buy tickets, but more commonly tourists buy their tickets from same-day discount vendors in Times Square and elsewhere throughout the city. Famous shows such as Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, and Mamma Mia! Play regularly on Broadway as well as new shows by top theater writers.

To be in a Broadway show, actors and artists must work their way to the top by first starring in regional theater and off-Broadway shows before they can hope to score even the understudy position on a Broadway show. To see a Broadway show, however, an audience member sometimes need not go further than the next few exits, as some shows tour all over the world.

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