Most people who spend their days watching movies in their condo daydreaming about starring on the big screen and becoming one of the world's top leading actors or actresses don't make it very far in the world of Hollywood. It takes a combination of dedication to the craft of acting, charm, acting talents and good luck to become a big time movie star and not everyone is fortunate enough to have their movie dreams become a reality.

If you're one of the many people with Hollywood aspirations try not to fret too much over the fact that you won't get to talk about skyline art with Matt Damon during a pivotal scene in a Clint Eastwood directed movie. What you should be doing instead with your time is trying to find a way into the movie making industry through a means other than acting such as directing, producing, becoming a make-up artist or working in the costume design department. Those are just a few examples of ways you can work in Hollywood without actually being featured front and center on movie art posters.

There is one other career you should consider if you're good with your hands and know how to work a screwdriver or hammer and that would be a career in building movie sets. Movie set design work might not be as glamorous or financially lucrative as acting but it's still a foot in the door in the world of film. There are many movies where all you need for it to be successful is to have George Clooney and Emma Stone talking for hours and it'll be riveting. Then there are those movies that no matter how talented the leading actors and actresses are they're nothing without the sets they're acting on.

So many movies nowadays rely on sets to make their movie go and if you're up for building movie sets you can be a part of the big picture. From recreating the Eiffel tower to building a replica of the Statue of Liberty to constructing a recital stage the types of sets you'll be asked to build are endless. The construction of a movie set is a vital part of the finished product of a movie, and in some cases it's the most important stage.

For movies that require elaborate set pieces movie set construction workers are being put under a lot of pressure to come through with something awe-inspiring for the movie going audience to feast their eyes on. If you feel like you're up to the task of building a barn or private school that'll be featured in a movie then it's time to pack up your carpenter's tool bag and make a leap of faith to go build movie sets!

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